• The Cwmcarn Allotments Shed Cwmcarn Allotment Shed
    This is our Shed and Stores, built with
    a grant from the National Lottery. We use
    it for Committee meetings and events
    through out the year it’s also open 2-3
    mornings a week for the sale of general
    gardening supplies.
  • The Cwmcarn Allotments in Winter The Allotments in Winter
    The Allotments under snow taken early 2013
    we think the they look just as pretty
    under a blanket of snow as they do in full
    bloom mid summer, its also nice not to
    have to do any digging.
  • The Cwmcarn Plots in a row The Cwmcarn Plots
    Taken from the top of Plot 1, showing all
    the Allotments in a row down to Plot 40.
    You can also see the line of trees that
    backs on to our plots, we regularly see
    Herons flying over this treeline which
    was the inspiration for our Logo.
  • Cwmcarn Village from above The Village from Forest Drive
    We’re very lucky to be surrounded by woods,
    forests, hills and mountains, giving us
    great views and scenery the aptly named
    Forest Drive is just a few minutes walk away.
    Our season may start a little later and
    we’ll never grow Pineapples, but we
    think it’s worth it.
  • The view from the Cwmcarn Stores View from the Stores
    Looking out across the allotments from the
    Shed Stores, not quite full bloom, but
    definitely getting there. All we need
    now is a few more sunny days…

Welcome to Cwmcarn Allotment Association's Website

The Cwmcarn Allotment Association is responsible for the management of the Cwmcarn and Abercarn Allotments. Situated in the Gwent valleys, surrounded by hills, woods and mountains we think these are some of the most beautifully located Allotments in the country.

The Cwmcarn Allotments sit underneath the entrance road of Cwmcarn Forest Drive a great spot for walking, relaxing and for the more adventurous throwing yourself downhill on Mountain Bikes. Theres a link on our links page to the Forest Drive Site. The Abercarn Allotments are situated in the Village of Abercarn, just 1.5 miles away.

Through this site we aim to communicate not just with our own Allotment holders, but with all keen gardeners and Allotment holders wherever you are. Hopefully we can share advice, tips, recipes and stories of Allotment holding in this beautiful location.